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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WLG x Big Mama

I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia from the Big Mama Introspection blog at the Screamin' Summer music festival last week in Callela, Spain...what a woman! Tall, dark, beautiful...and arriving on a Harley Sportster to boot! She made a purchase of two key clips from me and was kind enough to post them on her BLOG!!! Thank you again!!!


She is pretty awesome! Never met her in person, but I have followed her blog for years. What a fun girl who skates, surfs, rides, spins and is totally rockin'!

Longbaording is easy in mediterranea sea. It's for dork as me :)
Hope seeing you all for a fresh beer in Spain soon :)

please, I cannot see your blog. How I can see it right?
thank you

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